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Imagine being able to perform at the highest level of which you are capable! That’s what we are about. We help people just like you achieve results they only dreamed about before they worked with us. Let us help you as well.
Hello. I’m Dr. Jim Lewis, and I established my company in 1981 to help people achieve high performance. In fact, the first name I chose was Effective Human Performance. I’ve taught seminars in 30 countries, with over 60,000 individuals like you attending to learn leadership, project management, “people skills” and success principles. Now that I have cut back on global travel, my focus has changed a bit. I want to help as many people as possible achieve success in their jobs or in businesses of their own.
I also want to thank the thousands of individuals who have attended my programs over the years. Some have been clients for over 20 years, and many have become friends. It is you to whom I owe my success. You have read my books, supported me, and encouraged me to deliver new programs. I hope all of you enjoy the greatest success both personally and professionally.


We have just set up a new membership website to allow our clients to access recordings of our webcasts, download MP3 recordings and white papers, engage in a forum to discuss topics of interest, and to also post videos, photos, and articles of their own to the site. Basic membership is FREE. To join the community, click the following link: JOIN


Our new Project Manager’s Group Mentoring program started in January 2015. For more information, download a flyer at LINK

It is now possible to earn your Project Management Certificate entirely online or in live classes, or in a combination. Go to for details.
We are celebrating 35 years in business!

Jim Lewis Bio

Dr. James P. Lewis has 15 years of industry experience as an electrical engineer and project manager, focusing on the design and development of communication equipment, and over 32 years of experience teaching seminars. He has been conducting seminars worldwide and has trained more than 40,000 individuals since 1981. Widely recognized as one of the top writers on the subject, Jim has published ten books of his own and an 11th with co-author Bob Wysocki. His Lewis Method® of managing projects has been adopted by thousands of managers. Jim has a B.S. in electrical engineering and a doctorate in psychology, both from NC State University.

Earn Your Certificate


Dr. Jim Lewis presents a Project Management Certificate to Monty Osteen (right) who completed the three required courses and two electives in less than three years. Also, you can take classes in live sessions, online instructor-facilitated, or a combination of these. The online sessions are narrated slides, so that you don’t suffer death by Powerpoint®.You will find the online experience to be almost the same as being in the classroom, except that you can view the lessons at your convenience and interact with your instructor by forum or email.


“I have known Dr. Lewis for many years and I can say without reservation or hesitation that he has helped tremendously with project management and mentoring and coaching of managers. One of the greatest challenges in any organization is developing highly skilled managers and it is invaluable to have an outside party help to assess and develop managers. I highly recommend Jim to partner and assist any company in these areas.”
Bruce W Leander, Retired President, Ambion Inc.


“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Jim Lewis for more than a decade. During this time he has demonstrated significant and rather unique talents for mentoring, coaching, and advising managers and executives in the effective practice of leadership, project management, team building, staff management and motivation. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take their current management, leadership and project management skills to much higher levels in order to significantly increase their own and their team’s productivity.”
Robert Penney, Mercatius Associates, Cambridgeshire UK

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