Project Management

The Project Management Certificate Program is a joint offering from the Lewis Institute, Inc. and NC State University’s Office of Professional Development and the Industrial Extension Service. This certificate series will provide project managers with the essential skills you need to succeed at “hands-on” project management. You will receive certificates of completion from NC State University and continuing education credits in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Professional Development Hours (PDHs), and Professional Development Units (PDUs).


To be eligible to earn the certificate, you must:
Complete five courses  – three core courses plus any two of the electives – within three years.
Have taken courses offered through the Office of Professional Development at NC State University.
Have earned FULL CEU credits for each of the courses, indicating that you have met the attendance requirements for ALL FIVE classes. (To receive CEU credit, you are required to attend 90% of each class. If you must be absent for meetings or other obligations, you should try to schedule the class at a later time.)

What Makes This Program Unique

One thing that makes our certificate program different than most is that we employ “whole-brain” accelerated learning and simulation methods in all of our courses, so that maximum transfer of skills to the workplace is achieved. The typical training program only transfers to the job about 30 percent of what is taught. Our objective is to greatly exceed that level. The certificate requires that you complete five courses – three “core” courses and two electives – over a period of three years. Each seminar is three days in duration.

Who Should Attend

Project managers whose jobs involve engineering, data processing, information technology, construction, research and development, manufacturing, maintenance, corporate planning, finance, marketing and quality will benefit from this seminar. The principles you’ll learn can be applied to any kind of project.


Not all electives are offered each year. Please check individual course Web pages for current offerings. Dates offered and the shopping cart to register are towards the bottom of the individual course page.

Required Courses 
Minimum Required: 3 Courses

  • Project Management: Tools, Principles, and Practices
  • How to Communicate, Influence, and Negotiate in Project Management
  • Team-Based Project Management
  • Project Management: Tools, Principles and Practices Online

Elective Courses 
Minimum Required: 2 Courses

  • How to Be a Highly Effective Project Manager
  • Managing Capital Projects
  • Stimulating Creativity and Innovation: Techniques for Managers of Departments, Teams or Projects
  • Mastering Project Management
  • Managing Construction Projects
  • Managing Conflict and Dealing with Difficult People OPD-ZMMCPM-C
  • Full-Spectrum Project Management
  • Practical Leadership Skills
  • PMP and CAPM Examination Prep Course
  • Coaching Skills for Managers of Teams, Departments, and Projects
  • Case Studies in Project Management Online Only
  • Using NLP to Achieve High Performance at Work

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